Information About Joining EAA

You don't have to be a pilot or aircraft owner to be a member of EAA.  All you need is an interest in aviation.  You can find different ways to fulfill your aviation interest, whether it's participating in EAA's Young Eagles events or visiting the world's premier aviation event......EAA AirVenture at Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

For the long-time aviation enthusiast and pilot, EAA has programs and activities that allow you to meet others with the same interests.

If you have dreamed of flying, but didn't realize you could participate, I invite you to join EAA.

Today, aviation is competing with other recreational activities.  Therefore, we want you to feel welcome.  We will share the opportunities available and invite you to the multitude of EAA events that showcase aviation at its best.  Whether you are interested in building, buying, or owning an airplane; seeing the world's greatest air show performers; meeting aviation personalities; or just enjoy being around airplanes......EAA is the place for you.

What EAA Has For You

Every EAA Chapter is unique.  The specific interests of each Chapter's membership tailor its activities and personality as an organization.  However, every Chapter will deliver the following sources of value and enjoyment to its Members.

  • FRIENDSHIP:    EAA members are aviation enthusiasts.  An EAA chapter provides a forum for Members to come                            together at a local, personal level and share their interests and common love for aviation.  This

                                            social interaction with kindred spirits is one of the most fundamental and reqarding reasons EAA                                    Members join a Chapter.

  • CONNECTIONS:  A Chapter's membership represents a wealth of aviation knowledge, skills and resources.  The

                                   Chapter enables a network to develop where EAA Members may assist each other and share their

                                        expertise.  This typically includes homebuilders working together, Technical Counselors and Flight

                                        Advisors providing their support.  But, it also involves people with many other common aviation

                                        interests sharing their expeeriences and helping each other.  Sharing of the skills, knowledge and

                                        experience of other EAA Members was one of the original founding tenants of the EAA.

  •  FUN & FLYING:   A Chapter provides a local, on-going activity base for EAA Members.  Every EAA meeting is an 

                                        aviation activity.  In addition, the guest speakers, fly-ins, fly-outs, forums, workshops and a

                                        multitude of other activities EAA Chapters sponsor add to the count.  One of the most popular

                                        Chapter activities is flying Young Eagles.  Some activities are primarily for the benefit of the local

                                        EAA Chapter Members, but frequently the larger aviation community is served as well.  

EAA Chapter Members have access to people, services and activities they could never enjoy or accomplish on their own.

Your EAA Membership is the inviation, so join your local Chapter and discover what other EAA Members in your area are

already enjoying.


One specific requirement to join a local EAA Chapter such as the Wilson, NC Chapter 1047 is that you first become a member of the National EAA Organization with headquarters in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.  Membership dues for the National Organization is $45 per year.  You can go online to and follow the instructions.  Once you join and pay your dues you will be given an EAA "Number" which you must present when you join a local Chapter.


To join the local Chapter in your area, just seek out contact and make a phone call, or just show up at their next meeting and someone will be glad to help you.

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